KlikOn KlikOff® is the Original and still the most complete wireless switching system in the world today.

Easily & accessibly retro-fit your home and integrate your existing system with KlikOn KlikOff® switching.

KlikOn KlikOff® is the simple way into Home Automation.

Dim your lights by remote control to create the right atmosphere for your dinner guests or to create that cinema like ambience whilst you watch a movie.

Install a wireless wall switch anywhere, without cutting through walls or tiles.

Never come home again to a dark house.

Save on power bills and help the environment as you eliminate standby operations by turning off appliances at the source.

Bed bound patients and handicapped people can now control lights and appliances with the push of a button.

It’s easy to use, simple to install and most important of all, it’s affordable

KlikOn KlikOff® is the smart wireless solution for your home.

KlikOn KlikOff